Bigg boss Season 11 Voting Lines

Talking about the Bigg boss is a really good thing but if you don’t mentions The Bigg boss Season 11 Voting Results that will be ambitious .I think you all new about the Bigg boss 10 facts and news that are going on the today’s world ,but you don’t know about the Bigg boss house inside stories and controversies.The contestants of Bigg boss 10 are creating the big curious inside the Bigg boss house .They do what they want to do.


Tuesday atmosphere in the house Bigg Boss totallly change, a fight taken place between Lokesh and her friends Manu and Manveer,  as she got misconception nominated in eviction.

Bigg Boss 11 Online Voting by Audience

This is exactly what happened in the Bigg Boss 10 house on Tuesday. While on Monday we saw a pleasant lovey-dovey atmosphere inside the house as friends sacrificed for each other in relationship evaluation test, Tuesday saw everything turn topsy-turvy. The atmosphere in the house fuelled up once again. Lokesh got nominated for eviction as she misunderstood the deal offered to her by Karan. She felt cheated and created a ruckus in the house as she claimed her ‘friends’ Manu and Manveer didn’t help her in her hour of need


Now in this Season wild card entry may not be taken place because there are many contestants already in the house of Bigg boss.If any entry occur the show duration must be extended.


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